The Benefice Weekend away.

 What have Albert Einstein, Shirley Temple, Donald Trump & Olive Oyl got to do with the weekend?  You will find out below!

 On the weekend of 15th to 17th of June, 18 adults and 3 children travelled to Windmill Farm in Oxfordshire, for a time in which we shared fun, fellowship and our faith.

Following a delicious supper on Friday evening, we enjoyed watching the film “Pay it forward” together, accompanied by popcorn, nibbles and wine.
On Saturday morning, Rita Field, from the Christian organisation, “Healed for Life”, came to talk to us about the Father’s Love, a fitting theme for Father’s Day weekend.  I think all of us enjoyed having some quiet time to ourselves, after her talk, to think about what she had said.
We had free time on Saturday afternoon, and the more adventurous among us, including the children, went canoeing on the Thames. Others went for walks locally or explored further afield or even rested.
We had loads of fun on Saturday evening showcasing our talents and playing parlour games.  Who knew that Robin Gain could recite a whole monologue by heart or that Fay Dent knew a song about crocodiles?
We all enjoyed ourselves getting to know each other better, and it was great to have the children along. They had other activities to keep them busy and happy and their IT skills saved the day when it came to creating a “WhatsApp” group for the weekend.
On Sunday morning we had a very relaxed time of worship in the small barn - in fact the whole weekend was relaxing, which was appreciated by all.  During the weekend there were some great opportunities to have informal chats about our faith and to encourage each other.
All too soon, it was time to pack up and head home.   These things don’t happen by accident and we would like to give a huge ‘thank you’ to Michele and Elaine for their hard work in organising our time away.  I know other people worked hard too and many thanks to them as well.
Ah yes, Albert Einstein, Shirley Temple, Donald Trump, Olive Oil and other famous names!  They all featured in one of the fun games we played on Saturday evening, when we all chose a famous name and the others had to guess who we were.   Hilarious fun was had by all and we laughed all evening.  What can be better than that?
Would I be up for going again?  Most definitely.
Faith, Fellowship & Fun, yes please.