Mission Action Plan Summary

MAP Adopted by the PCC on 9 September 2015
MAP presented to the APCM in 2016
MAP Summary sent to the Bishop on 11 September 2015
MAP presently being reviewed by the PCC - Nov 2019

Our Looking

Three things we have seen about our parish and our world:
1.  We have a wide range of community organisations which cater for the various needs and age groups.
2.  We recognise the need to support and encourage those in their 20s to 40s to grow in faith and be more involved in the whole life of the church.
3.  We need to be where the people are, not expect them to come to us.
Three things we have seen about our church:
1.  We need to be better at communication, even within the church where jargon can be off-putting.
2. The age profile and engagement is heavily skewed to the older generation.
3. We try hard to provide diversity in forms of worship.

Our Discerning

Our Vision or how we want to be described in five years’ time is:
A community that is so on fire with the love of Jesus that all are drawn to him.
Our Priorities for the next five years are:
1.  To encourage people to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, worship, study and fellowship.
2.  To identify the pastoral needs of the community and seek to show love and care and to build relationships.
3.  To bring children, young people and families into a deepening relationship with God
Our five key Smart Goals for the next year or more are:
1. Arrange an Awayday with an external facilitator to explore the benefit, nature and practice of prayer.
2. Establish two home groups and identify and nurture four home group leaders.
3. Establish and commission a means of bringing together information about individual pastoral needs  
and informing those who should take action: identify the group of people to take that action.
4. Establish and commission a small group to encourage and support those who no longer attend church.
5. To agree a benefice strategy for youth and children’s work and put plans in place for the parish for