The Friends of Holy Cross

What or who are "The Friends"?

The Friends" raise funds to help preserve Holy Cross Church for the benefit of future generations and keep it in good repair for all to enjoy its peace and beauty, to worship and receive comfort and inspiration from within its ancient walls".

Following a very successful 800th anniversary celebration of the building in 1990, the idea of The Friends was conceived. It was felt that the raising of funds for the upkeep of the building could and should be separated from, but still kept under the umbrella of, the Parochial Church Council. It was considered that the primary aim of the PCC was pastoral and to support the ministry of the living church rather than spending time on thinking of fundraising activities to maintain the bricks and mortar.

A formal Charitable Trust (The Friends of Holy Cross Church, Sarratt - UK Registered Charity Number 1018991) was therefore eventually formed in 1992 to do just that. The responsibility for the upkeep and overseeing repairs etc remains with the PCC, what The Friends do is raise the monies to pay for it.

As well as paying for routine repairs and maintenance of the church, the most significant example of how The Friends have helped was providing the funds to enable the complete re-roofing of the church in the year 2000, at a cost of approximately £90,000; internal redecoration in 2008 costing £57,000 and the rebuilding of the West Wall and Boundary Walls towards the end of 2009, costing approximately £50,000.  More recently £20,000 was raised for the church paths to be installed and in 2018 a similar sum was raised for the purchase of an acre of land adjacent to the church yard, which secures the future expansion in years to come. The area has been fenced and in Spring 2019 a new hedge planted.

FOHC have regular events to raise funds. In recent years FOHC has organised the Flower Festival that is held over the last weekend in June. There are usually two other events and over the years these have included bike rides and reeling parties, book publishing to bridge tournaments.  All ideas are welcome for the funds they raise and community spirit they engender.
Thlogoe Friends' Logo
The Trust's logo  'the garland of friendship around the Holy Cross cross' symbolises the way in which all friends of this lovely church can help preserve it by supporting 'The Friends'. The inspiration for the garland within the logo was a Tudor button brooch found in the churchyard by Edward Ryley, a Rector of Sarratt, who was responsible for the major restoration work to the church in 1864-6.

Friends' Events
Holy Cross Virtual Flower Festival 2020
 Normally during this week the “Flowery Girls” would have been very busy as for many years they have worked with the Friends of Holy Cross to organise the Flower Festival on the last weekend of June to raise funds to maintain our beautiful 12th century church.
 Due to the Corvid 19 crisis the festival has been cancelled.  However,  We have produced a Virtual Flower Festival covering twelve areas within the Church with over 100 Festival photographs from the last 10 years.
 Please visit -
 If you have fond memories of previous visits to our Festival please make a donation to the Friends of Holy Cross by visiting our page on Virgin Money Giving -  “The Friends of Holy Cross Church Sarratt”. Thank you.
 We hope you enjoy our virtual version and, like us, look forward to the 2021 event.
 David and Marilyn

To get involved in future events please contact Kate Hobhouse on
How are we organised?
The Trust, a formal Charitable Trust (The Friends of Holy Cross Church, Sarratt - UK Registered Charity Number 1018991), is governed by a Trust Deed dated 31 December 1992 which provides for between five and nine Trustees, including the Rector and Churchwardens as ex officio Trustees. 

The elected Trustees must be approved by the PCC and are normally elected for a three year term. 

Current Trustees are:
Kate Hobhouse (Chair)
Diane Quayle (Hon. Secretary)
Richard Cawdron (Treasurer)
Chris Adams
Marilyn Butler
Anna Rankin
Katie Naylor
Flo Garvey
Richard Roberts
Michele Du Saire (Ex Officio)
Nikki Clough (Ex Officio)
Linda Clough (Ex Officio)
These are of course supported by a host of other '`Friends' and well wishers, too many to mention here.

All monies raised by The Friends must be used for 'the preservation, repair, maintenance, restoration, replacement, improvement or ornamentation' of the fabric of the Holy Cross Church building. 

The Trustees are subject to the rules of the Trust Deed and the Charity Commission. They must meet at least three times a year, the quorum being five. They must also report regularly to the PCC and present `audited` annual accounts to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Becoming a 'Friend' All who wish to see Holy Cross Church preserved as a place of peace and beauty are friends of Holy Cross, whether they live or worship in Sarratt, have family associations with Holy Cross, or are a welcome visitor from near or far.

However if you would like to become more involved, give a donation or just wish to hear how we are getting on we encourage you to be added to the list of 'The Friends'. Please submit your details below.
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