Mission Action Plan SUMMARY

MAP Adopted by the PCC on 10 April 2015

MAP presented to APCM on 12 April 2015

MAP Summary sent to the Bishop on 11 September 2015

MAP presently being reviewed by the PCC - Nov 2019



Our Looking

Three things we have seen about our parish and our world:

1The church building is not centrally located in the village
2 Expensive housing makes it difficult for young people to remain in or move to Sarratt.
3 There is a perceived lack of relevance of the place of the church in village life.

Three things we have seen about our church:

1 Lack of the younger generation - under 40s and therefore also their children
2 A good variety of worship and church genearted activites
3 Spotlight magazine, church produced, is seen as a good vehicle for information about church and village life.

Our Discerning

Our vision or how we want to be described in five years' time is:

A vibrant Christian community characterised by its unity in Christ and self-giving love where all are welcome and inspired to become disciples of Jesus. A thriving body of people with an outward focus who are living out the love of God and truly integrated in the local community.

Our priorities are

Our three key priorities for the next five years are:

1 To develop intentional stepping stones to inspire and encourage people in the parish to find faith in Jesus Christ.
2 To nurture and develop people's faith and unity in Christ in order to become a church characterised by love and self-giving.
3 To provide opportunities for families and children to encounter the love of Jesus.

Our goals are

Our five key SMART goals for the next year or more are:

1 Run the Diocesan Welcome course for church members by Autumn 2015.
2 To substantially increase church member participation in the existing opem events e.g. Bike & Hike, Village Picnic, Open House, OpenAir Service
3 To review and develop the Benefice website and exploe the use of social media in order to fully promote what we are and what we are doing.
4 To have a preaching series focussed on Unity in Christ in the Automn of 2015.
5 To develop a strategy to build stronger links with Sarratt School in order to improve engagement with families and children starting by Sepember 2015.