Pints of View


Pints of View provides a forum in which we can share and receive from others. Our get-togethers provide an opportunity to consider topical matters, aspects of faith, moral issues and dilemmas in informal surroundings over a pint, a coffee or a soft drink: (we have a ‘buy your own drinks’ policy).

Having begun in 2013 with just a few of us from Holy Cross and St Paul’s, we are pleased that the circle has now widened to embrace variously-opinionated people who turn up for lively debate and a convivial evening at The Plough in Belsize. Attendance has varied, for the most part between 8 and the low 20’s, so there is an opportunity for everyone who wants to do so to have their say, although it’s fine to come and just listen to the debate.

Pints of View meets at 8pm on the 3rd Monday of most months and is open to all, whatever their views. Come and consider how our world can be put to rights. Everyone is welcome.
Bob Shearer & John Guy