For many years, St Paul's Church has tithed the income derived from Parishioners for the benefit of others. 

Each year the PCC agrees which charities should be supported. For the 2018 financial year, which was donated early 2019, the following were selected:

St. Pauls School                 £1500

Dens                                    £1500

The Liberty Tea Rooms    £1500

The Children's Society      £1500

DENS is also supported by our All-Age Worship Congregation who bring food or other necessities to the service for use in the Food Bank.

In addition, from time to time an event occurs which needs a response and we have a special collection for this.

We also often decide that the collections at Easter, Harvest and at the Carol Service should go to a special cause. Most years we encourage parishioners to give a pound a day during Lent to a particular cause.